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The management team have been working hard to ensure that they have put in place suitable measures to assist companies with their return to the office. It’s great when this is recognised by their tenants and we’ve had some really positive feedback from many of our occupiers. One example is Unison, a tenant at Vintry Building Bristol who stated:

UNISON rents some office space in one of Ashville’s managed properties in Bristol.

As we are starting to action the re-opening of our offices, after closing them during this uncertain period of Covid-19, we have been constantly in touch with our management companies and landlord’s agents, and have relied on them to carry out certain essential health and safety tasks in these properties as part of the preparation for re-entry.

As part of this office re-opening strategy we have been liaising with Ashville, to make sure that our Bristol office’s health and safety management is in agreement with what the landlords have also put in place.

During this uncertain period Ashville have been one of the easiest and most communicative management companies we have had to deal with.

In fact Tom Spaight (their regional management surveyor) has gone the extra mile to communicate what the landlord has put in place in the communal areas, and is always available on the other end of the line if I have any queries that need that personal contact.

I deal with a lot of management companies on a day to day basis as part of my job, and If I was to sum up Ashville it would be that they have given us that personal touch that makes all the difference. In these difficult times, where there is a lot of uncertainty and pressure in the work place, this has been exactly what we have needed.

Angelo Teall

UNISON Property Surveyor